Howdy from Richardson, Texas. Thank you for checking out this pre-release, very rough draft of the Leave The Leaves web project.* I hope the project helps in your backyard composting efforts. Please email me to be notified when the project is updated, to ask compost-related questions, or to offer constructive criticism. Rob Dentremont aka The Pile Pro
*The term "site" does not make sense to me. Therefore, I refer to this work as a web project, and not a web site.
Equipment And Tools Used In The PilePro Method
Leave The Leaves Homepage

Composting Myths And Questionable Conventional Wisdom

The PilePro Outdoor Watering Systems

The PilePro Indoor Watering System

Meat And Dairy Can Be Composted

Turn A Dial Not A Pile

How Important Is "Good" Compost?

The Ideal Compost Pile

Why Composting Does Not Evolve And The Upcoming Compost Renaissance

The Proper Compost Bin

Browns, Greens, Reds, and Beiges

The Compost Bin Hall of Shame

bulkhead to hose adapter1) Tool 1 - bulkhead-to-hose adapter from Amazon
shutoff valve2) Tool 2 garden hose shut-off valve from Amazon.